New Bikes

All of our new bikes are given a thorough pre delivery inspection ensuring that all parts are securely tightened, with gears and brakes set up correctly so that you can be assured that your bike is safe and ready for the road. We offer a FREE first service after 6 to 8 weeks, as it is quite normal for cables to stretch, this allows us to take up that initial cable stretch and to check the bike over again.


We offer three levels of servicing:

Bronze Service - £65

  • General visual inspection of cycle
  • Brake check – inspection and adjustment [cables/hoses]
  • Gear Check – cable inspection, indexing/adjustment and chain lubrication
  • Wheel & tyre check – pressures, signs of wear, damage and trued where necessary
  • Skewer check – quick release/wheel nuts tightened
  • Pedal check – checked for tightness and wear
  • Safety check – including crank bolts, handlebars and saddle for security
  • Drive train – visual inspection of gear mechanisms, chain and cassette or freewheel
  • All moving parts lubed

Silver Service - £99

It is recommended that regularly used bikes have this level of service ever 6 to 8 months or as part of pre-race preparation.

This service consists of:

  • Pre-service test
  • Frame checked for wear and damage
  • Headset checked and adjusted where necessary
  • Bottom bracket inspected for wear and play
  • Wheels removed – check and lubricate bearings and hubs and adjust where necessary. Check spoke tension, dish and true where necessary. Quick release, wheel nuts tightened where required
  • Tyres checked for correct pressure and signs of wear or damage
  • Cables – all checked for wear and damage, removed and re-greased
  • Brakes checked and adjusted. Bleed if necessary/applicable
  • Gears checked and adjusted – indexing and chain lubrication
  • Pedal check – pedals checked, removed, greased and replaced
  • Seat post removed and re-greased
  • Safety check – all bolts checked for tightness including crank bolts and handlebars etc
  • All moving parts lubricated
  • Standard service report included.

Gold Service - £150

A complete overhaul, consisting of a de-build and re-build as an annual service

  • Service report for customer outlining work carried out
  • Pre-service test to determine any possible underlying problems
  • Frame checked for alignment and damage. Disc mounts faced if applicable.
  • Drive train [including front and rear mechs] removed, cleaned and lubricated
  • Headset removed, checked, cleaned and re-greased
  • Bottom bracket removed, checked, cleaned and re-greased
  • Wheel check – remove, clean, check and lubricate bearings and hubs. Check spoke tension, dishing and true where required.
  • Tyres checked for correct pressure and signs of wear or damage
  • Gears set up as required.
  • Brakes removed, checked and cleaned. Cables replaced where necessary and brakes set up. Hydraulics – hydraulic fluid replaced and re-bled
  • Forks checked and inspected for signs of wear or damage to seals. Cleaned and lubricated. [service of forks or shocks extra]
  • All other components checked for wear, cleaned and lubricated.
  • Post service test ride to ensure roadworthiness.

Prices cover labour only and exclude parts

General Workshop Charges

Please call to discuss your workshop requirements if you have need of servicing or repair but do not want one of our menu service options. We’ll do our best to give you a guide cost over the phone based on what you tell us, but for an accurate quote, you need to come in-store WITH your bike.

If it is found that any parts are required the customer will be contacted before fitting.

We will clean bikes that we service.

Electronic Gear Shifting (Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS & SRAM E-Tap)

With electronic gearing here to stay, we are fully set up and equipped to be able to carry out any servicing work on all systems.

Shimano Di2 firmware upgrade and fault diagnosis, (excluding Dura Ace 7970 10sp) is available in store on an existing set-up.

Campagnolo EPS Zero setting and gear set up available in store on an existing set up.

Electronic gear / shifting set up as an upgrade on an existing bike (removal of current components, fitting of replacement electronic shifting components plus set up accordingly).

Note: Compatible framesets only, price may vary for older frames (non electronic shifting compatible as standard). Price is for fitting of components only, does not include supplementary parts that may be required e.g. bottom bracket.