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Focus Jam2 6.9 Drifter 2019 LARGE Blue
Focus Jam2 6.9 Drifter 2019 LARGE Blue
MPN: 633514102

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Focus Jam2 6.9 Drifter 2019 X-LARGE Blue
Focus Jam2 6.9 Drifter 2019 X-LARGE Blue
MPN: 633514103

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Conquer new mountains

  • Always as much energy as you need

    The easy-to-install TEC pack puts up to 756 Wh at your disposal for those longer tours. Pack your equipment on the smart rack and store your bottle on the down tube. You can tailor your bike to your own requirements.

  • Optimum suspension performance for every situation

    Our F.O.L.D. chassis is specially designed to meet the very high demands of an E-MTB. So we can guarantee that our E-All-Mountain JAM² is also the perfect combination: F.O.L.D. is extremely sensitive while being progressive enough to prevent a harsh bottom out.

  • It's the ride characteristics that count

    Thanks to the compact design of the Shimano E8000 motor and our battery, we were able to create a modern, agile and aggressive geometry for the JAM². This ensures that you have just as much fun on the trail as with our JAM without assistance.


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